Jan 07, 2021 19:34:09 UTC
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VRE Mobile News: A new version of VRE Mobile will be released on January 12th

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A new version of VRE Mobile will be released on January 12th. Please note:

No VRE Mobile Ticket Sales Jan 7th at 8pm - Jan 11th

To support the transition to our new version of VRE Mobile, please note you will not be able to complete a purchase in VRE Mobile between Thursday, January 7th at 8pm and Monday, January 11th. The ability to purchase is expected to resume on January 12th at 12am.

Your Privacy

The first time you open VRE Mobile on January 12th or after, you will need to click “forgot password” on the login screen and subsequently reset your password.

We respect your privacy and our developer follows stringent guidelines to protect your private information. In addition to resetting your password, you will need to reenter any saved credit card information and re-associate SmartBenefits® with your account.

SmartBenefits Retrieval

You will have to reenter your SmarTrip® card number to reconnect your SmartBenefits® account to VRE Mobile. Any January SmartBenefits dollars you have remaining will be available on January 12th, and you will see your full monthly allocation amount starting February 1st.

Stored Tickets

Stored and active tickets are expected to be available in your account on January 12th. Should you not see all stored and active tickets as expected, please email gotrains@vre.org or call 703-684-1001.

Why are we changing VRE Mobile?

We are working on long-term enhancements to VRE Mobile. To support our future goals, we are working with a new mobile application developer.    

What’s New

The new VRE Mobile has some convenient new approaches, including:

  • Rather than an animated ticket, this version of VRE Mobile will use the camera on your phone during onboard ticket inspection. This will make it very easy for the conductors to quickly check tickets as they should see either themselves in selfie mode or you on your phone screen. 

  • You are not really limited to one device with the new VRE Mobile. You can use your account on multiple phones. However, once a ticket is activated, it will only be accessible on whatever device was used to activate it.